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    aluminum case factory
    BMD Aluminum Case Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of aluminum cases. The products list contains aluminum briefcases, aluminum camera cases, aluminum cosmetic cases, aluminum gun cases, aluminum laptop cases, aluminum makeup cases, aluminum pilot cases, aluminum train cases, aluminum tool cases and much more. From the establishment of 2000, we always focus on the performance of products, and gain lots of experience in dealing with customers' special packing needs. We are professional in the field of: briefcases, travelling and suitcases | cosmetic and beauty cases | instrument and tool cases | gun cases, etc... learn more

    as a professional custom aluminum case company, we supply high quality aluminum case, such as aluminum gun case,aluminum train case,aluminum tool case. custom aluminum case for professional use, such as alumuinum laptop case,aluminum briefcase.The cases are all well built, for example, the aluminum gun cases, aluminum tool cases,aluminum laptop cases are with steel reinforced corner, the aluminum train cases,aluminum briefcases have aluminum frame and durable handle.